Sunday, August 23, 2009

Here comes the bride!

No, the bride is not Anna Darwinian, thank Cog, as Nix Sands likes to say. I served instead as bespoke minister for famed Caledon jeweler Alastair Whybrow and his lovely bride Miss Garnet Psaltery.
This wedding was unlike a modern First Life ceremony in that I made no request for people to turn off their cellphones. Instead ...
Dearly beloved, we are gathered together to join this Man and this Woman in loving Matrimony;

And if any here present wants to IM bride or groom, let said person hold his peace during this service, lest he be struck by lightning, or worse, by the groom.

But, since the devil finds work for idle hands, all present are encouraged to take photographs.

Matrimony is an honourable estate, signifying unto us the mystical union that represents what is most loving and holy in all human history...

From there onward, it was much like the 1928 Church of England marriage ceremony, but I did have fun writing the blessing farewell at the end:
I pronounce that they are Man and Wife. AMEN.

Now by the beauty of texture and prim, by the power of Steampunk, by the glory of sunrise and the sparkle of midnight,

May love and laughter be always with Garnet and Alastair, and with all of us, so long as we all may rez, and forever more

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ladylike love (and oops!) letter

Dear Dr. Oblonski er, Obolensky er, whoever,

I apologize for not realizing that you are/were two very different people. One of you makes fine furniture imbued with playful animations for Yolanda Hirvi and Metaversal Arts. One of you makes trouble in New Babbage and elsewhere and is the creator of the Frock B Gone gun. I thought you were both one energetic gentleman who was in real life the dad of Miss Hirvi. I was wrong.

Whoever you are and whatever you're doing keep doing it. Both of you! I think you're great.

Confusedly and confusingly,
Anna Darwinian

Monday, August 3, 2009

Dragon flames and then wild dancing broke out... Armada Breakaway went up in flames to make room for a new and better sim. My shoulder dragon Cogito insisted that he and I had to be there! Later on, serving Cogito right, some overenthusiastic big dragon flamed off the entire platform we were standing on, tumbling us both into the water.

The photographic hero of the occasion, however, was Koshari Mahana, who captured hundreds of stills and put them together into one of the most amazing YouTube vids ever. I will be watching Koshari's new Four Winds website to see what other astonishing things she gets up to.