Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fascinating Caledon backstory: Magellan Kinvara

I have never been able to lure him up onto the roof of my store (except as an audience member) but Mr. Mako Magellan has begun relating the story of Magellan Kinvara:

Kudos to Mr Magellan and to Miss Elspeth Woolley for their generosity and imagination!

Goodbye to RFL 2009

Thanks to Lokiboy for keeping this lovely steampunk memory green, or should I instead say for keeping the lovely memory steaming and smoky and twirling its cogs and stomping its engines.

So many from the Steamlands deserve major kudos for the vivid creations of RFL 2009 -- planners and designers and builders and scripters and herders of cats, before and during and after. You know who you are. Miss Darwinian fastens on her special remote hydraulic appreciation attachment and snaps out to one and all of you a steampunk clankety 21-cog salute.

Thank you, Caledon, Steelhead, and New Babbage for your support of this amazing effort.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Steampunkery at RFL

It isn't too late (yet) to go see the wonderful Steamlands sims at RF. The lag and the crowds of the weekend have disappeared but the amazing creations have not--at least not yet!

Here I am wearing my favorite new steampunk outfit, Eladrienne Laval's AETHER Queen of Cogs, with golden cogs on the jacket (not wearing the cog crown) riding up up up to the very top of Kamilah Hauptmann's Metropolis sim at RFL 2009, which also features amazing steampunk vehicles by Wrath Constantine.

TotalLunar Eclipse of Steelhead created a notecard with info and landmarks for many Victorian sights created for RFL; cribbing freely from that but adding perhaps my own mistakes:

RFL Team Caledon

Sim StartHere, designer: Equine Mcmillian, amazing telescopy thing!

Sim Metropolis (Art Deco inspired steampunk city), Architect and Designer: Her Lyonesse Kamilah Hauptmann, with amazing steampunk vehicles by Wrath Constantine

New Babbage

Universal Exhibition - World's Fair based on the 1889 Exhibition Universelle in Paris. More than 20 exhibits from leading Babbage builders. Chair: Breezy Carver. Lead Architect: Aeolus Cleanslate. Architects: Kandace Commons, Greg Merryman, Doctor Obolenski, Edward Pearse, Rip Wirefly

Plus, Designer Sim: Mars -New Babbage establishes a base on Mars.
Chair: Breezy Carver. Lead Architect: Reitsuki Kojima.

Steelhead Team Salmons

Team Salmons presents: Crescent Lake, Oregon. Architect and Landscape designer: TotalLunar Eclipse, 7seas enabled... all proceeds go to Relay for Life

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Whew, just finally finished scripting the freebie

Why do building and scripting take way more time than you plan?

  1. I am not yet very good at either.

  2. The scripting especially is way too much fun.

  3. They are a handy excuse to postpone other work.

  4. For some reason, I keep adding more and more features.*

  5. All of the above.

If you picked 5, you know me way too well. If you are not on my friends list yet, why aren't you?

* For example, this desk sign whistles like a railroad train when somebody pokes it. But then, don't all desk signs do that? Or if not, shouldn't they?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Real life should be more like this!

One of the things I love about Second Life is that it gives you the option, every time, of waking up either where you went to sleep or else safely back at your home location.

Real life should do that.

This morning, however, i wanted to do my restart back at the pub in Caledon's Steam Sky City where last night Miss Reghan Straaf was spinning tunes. SSC is always an inspiring ramble, a haven of steampunk inventions plus tesla and fine blinkenlights.

Three time machines. Wow.

Real life should definitely be more like Second Life.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Twin Musical Tesla Coils playing Mario Bros

Happy birthday, Mr. Tesla, from steampunks everywhere and everywhen.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I wonder what happens if I push that button...

Oh my, what a weekend for steampunk adventuring!

You might not think Monday should still be a part of the weekend. But when the adventures keep rolling in, weekends don't stop when they should!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Consternation in the skies over Caledon!

July 2, 2009: One of those strange events Not Possible In Real Life. Some avatar dressed only in (unfeatured, PG) skin decided to disrupt the role-playing "war" between Caledon and New Brunswick by creating a giant and scripty wall on the border.

Here, hanging in the air, trying to talk him out of this wacky abuse of everyone's server resources, you can see RockAndRoll Michigan (dressed as Uncle Sam), Uni NInetails (white kitteh avenger with multiple tails), me, Anna Darwinian, in my black and gold skirt, and two other ladies who will, I hope, tell me their names.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Steampunk freebies at SL6B

Awesome steampunk laptop and magic mirror, both from the team of BlakOpal Galicia and TriloByte Zanzibar. Their display for the steampunk sims of New Babbage is characteristically dark and full of fun detail.

I went wandering there today with MichaelD Mannonen, whose giant pirate-of-industry desk is one of my store's fine displays (his free pirate-talking shoulder parrot is yet another.) And when we got to the top of the PrimPerfect freebie tree, we ran into DarlingMonster Ember, who had shown her jewel-like flying machines in the very same store event where MichaelD last appeared.

Truly, Second Life is a small world built by very big imaginations.