Monday, July 20, 2009

Steampunkery at RFL

It isn't too late (yet) to go see the wonderful Steamlands sims at RF. The lag and the crowds of the weekend have disappeared but the amazing creations have not--at least not yet!

Here I am wearing my favorite new steampunk outfit, Eladrienne Laval's AETHER Queen of Cogs, with golden cogs on the jacket (not wearing the cog crown) riding up up up to the very top of Kamilah Hauptmann's Metropolis sim at RFL 2009, which also features amazing steampunk vehicles by Wrath Constantine.

TotalLunar Eclipse of Steelhead created a notecard with info and landmarks for many Victorian sights created for RFL; cribbing freely from that but adding perhaps my own mistakes:

RFL Team Caledon

Sim StartHere, designer: Equine Mcmillian, amazing telescopy thing!

Sim Metropolis (Art Deco inspired steampunk city), Architect and Designer: Her Lyonesse Kamilah Hauptmann, with amazing steampunk vehicles by Wrath Constantine

New Babbage

Universal Exhibition - World's Fair based on the 1889 Exhibition Universelle in Paris. More than 20 exhibits from leading Babbage builders. Chair: Breezy Carver. Lead Architect: Aeolus Cleanslate. Architects: Kandace Commons, Greg Merryman, Doctor Obolenski, Edward Pearse, Rip Wirefly

Plus, Designer Sim: Mars -New Babbage establishes a base on Mars.
Chair: Breezy Carver. Lead Architect: Reitsuki Kojima.

Steelhead Team Salmons

Team Salmons presents: Crescent Lake, Oregon. Architect and Landscape designer: TotalLunar Eclipse, 7seas enabled... all proceeds go to Relay for Life

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